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What actions turn words into lived rights?
Are you living your rights? Who is?
Lived Rights
How do citizens of the world turn promises on paper, in constitutions and international laws, into "lived rights" that make a positive difference in their daily lives? When people engage in political systems that impact on their daily lives, what are the strategies to ensure that constitutional democracies and international bodies, like the United Nations, deliver on equality guarantees for women, men, youth and children?
Gender inclusive human security and democracy building are significant aspects of sustainable development. Canadian women will hear from women leaders from other countries; women leaders from other countries will extend and strengthen their networks with members of their respective Diasporas in Canada and beyond. This forum will provide an informed, active audience for the courageous women leaders from constitutional democracies borne out of conflicts in which women have often been disproportionately burdened by violence and political exclusion. Learn more!
This forum provides an important opportunity to bring Canadian activists on women's rights together to develop forward-looking strategies in an intergenerational and international context. Grass roots engagement of women infused the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and Canadian constitutional jurisprudence, with many of the hard-won articulations of rights, opportunities and freedoms more recently developed in constitutional democracies in South Africa, Afghanistan and Rwanda. Find out more!

Participate in the Lived Writes essay contest for a chance to win one of three grand prize all-expense paid trips to Ottawa to participate in the Youth Program on February 14 & 15, 2006. Winners will have the opportunity to attend the conference and will meet and engage with seasoned political activists. Youth winners will also participate in an inter-generational oral history project and will have the opportunity to refine and publish their essays in a book commemorating this historic event. Check it out!